Sexual Offender Elevated to Leadership Position in Peace & Freedom Party

Steven Orcutt, a convicted child molester and possessor of child pornography has been appointed to serve for the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) as Chair inContraCostaCounty. Some of us members and former members have fought his appointment, but we were overruled by many in the Peace and Freedom Party hierarchy, namely the State Central Committee (SCC). Those of us who are opposed see Orcutt’s appointment as a detriment not only to the Party, but to the entire Left Movement and Feminism. Three of us quit the SCC on the same day due to this travesty of liberalism.  


According to court documents (which will follow this account and position), Steven Bruce Orcutt aka Frank Runninghorse (not a Native American) “did commit a felony, a violation of PENAL CODE SECTION 288  (c)(1) (Lewd Act Upon Child Age 14-15),


“On or about December 8, 2005, at Pleasant Hill, in Contra Costa County, the Defendant, STEVEN BRUCE ORCUTT, did willfully, lewdly, and unlawfully commit a lewd and lascivious act upon and with the body of Jane Doe, who was 14/15 years old, with the intent of arousing, appealing, to and gratifying the lust, passions, and sexual desires of the child and the Defendant, who was at least 10 years older than the child…”


Orcutt was 51 years old. He claims that he thought she was 20.


His crimes, argued later down to a misdemeanor by his lawyer, were 4 felony counts of lewd acts with a minor (PC 288 [c][1]) and one count of possession of kiddie porn (PC 311.11). He was sentenced to 9 months in jail where he claims to have been beaten by white supremacists. But child molesters are considered so loathsome that even prisoners won’t tolerate them. A civil case followed the criminal case, presumably to provide restitution to his victim. Long after he served time, he claimed that the cops targeted him. But he also changed his name to Runninghorse, and I have read that some Native Americans unwittingly support him because of his Native-sounding name.


PFP’s defense of Orcutt centers on the fact that he served his time, and now deserves a second chance. But can we trust him to make the right choices?


If past behavior is the predictor of future behavior, what does that say about Orcutt’s failure to seek help for his lapses of judgment? There is no evidence to suggest that he did anything for the victim, other than pay restitution, to ease any pain he caused her. He took advantage of a child to satisfy his selfish sexual needs and need for power, in my opinion, as do all sexual offenders. A 51-year-old knows the difference between a 20-year-old and a child of 14 years; I don’t care what Orcutt claims. Further, he failed to register as a sex offender. Was this an oversight? Or is it part of his pattern of deception? Orcutt and some few PFP SCC members referred to this African-American child as a prostitute, or “pro.” Yet a police officer quite familiar with the criminal case said that the child was in no way a prostitute. And, in defiance of this I say that rape of a prostitute is still rape, molestation, and/or sexual assault. Nor has PFP voiced any concern for the child victim. The issue was given to its Feminist Committee, which likely takes the place of the now defunct (this, in a feminist Party) Women’s Committee. In any case, the issue is likely to die in committee.


 I spent time as an advocate for rape victims. I have heard Orcutt’s brand of excuses over and over again. What is it about men in power that makes them take advantage of women and children? An injury to one woman is an injury to us all. Women in power don’t use their power and influence to subjugate men the way they subjugate us. Orcutt’s lewd behavior and failure to show evidence that he has attempted to clean up his act (and mind) in the years following his incarceration point to his lack of interest in feminist issues. What’s more, the PFP has not demanded this of him, but has instead made excuses for him. PFP has a policy of providing child care for members who attend meetings. How would you feel if this creep were watching your daughter?


I think now that pressure has to come from the outside. The Democratic and Republican Parties would never put up with something like this. As leftists, and especially feminists, we should all be up in arms. A psychotherapist to whom I told this story told me that Orcutt was “scum.” I couldn’t agree more.





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34 responses to “Sexual Offender Elevated to Leadership Position in Peace & Freedom Party

  1. Glad to know that others are taking on this child molester. Peace and Freedom Party has lost the right to call itself a feminist organization from the moment it appointed Steven Bruce Orcutt to any position, let alone making him co-chair of the county organization (Contra Costa County) where at age 51, he under his phony name Frank Runninghorse, sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl. At least he was convicted under his real name. Nothing else about him is authentic.

  2. Kate De Braose

    When, oh when, are men going to get the message that children and teenaged girls are not universal prey for men? Children
    are not the equivalent of wild horses that anyone can treat as possessions just by rounding them up as though they were free range animals.

    It does not matter what these men believe about the women around them in any society. Honest men would, or should know there is family and society concerned with crimes against children.

  3. Orcutt whines about getting caught and claims that he is a feminist. But he has done not one thing for women’s rights. He refers to those of us fighting his appointment and election as “COINTELPRO” in an effort to silence us. Worse, LA Radical Women has asked me to keep quiet about him, supporting him unconditionally, it seems. Well, I’m not one to go down in silence or in flames. The Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee will be held in Los Angeles on November 12 and 13, next week. We shall see what happens then. Stay posted.

  4. An interesting development in the fight against Orcutt and pedophiles: Orcutt’s girlfriend tried to “friend” me on Facebook. I blocked her. Orcutt seems to be pimping her out to find out what I am saying about him.

  5. I have just started a group called People for a Feminist Party. We are a loosely organized group of former and current Peace and Freedom Party activists who are enraged that PFP elevated a child molester, Steven Bruce Orcutt, masquerading as an Indian under the name of Frank Runninghorse, to chairship within the Party. We want him taken out of the chairship. If this fails, we wil take steps to start a feminist Party.

  6. If you would like to save PFP from demise due to Orcutt, pleas let CT Weber know. His email address is

  7. A complaint to Facebook has been made against Steven Bruce Orcutt, aka Frank Runninghorse for having a Facebook page. Registered sex offenders are not allowed to prey using a Facebook account. Will keep you posted.

  8. Speaking for People for a Feminist Party, I can report that we are victorious today. Frank Runninghorse, aka Steven Bruce Orcutt, has been removed from Facebook because he is a convicted sex offender. We are jubilant! Thanks to all who helped propel us to success!

  9. The REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER, Steven Bruce Orcutt, comes up with more lies as Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) registrants demand proof of his Native American blood. He apparently said to the officers, in an investigation of his sexual predation, that he was not Native. Now he claims to have Comanche blood. He also labeled his molestation victim a prostitute, presumably to deflect responsibility onto her. Why then did he film his exploits with her? over weeks? This is evidence of a sexually corrupt mind. He was charged with possession of kiddie porn. And this is acceptable to the governing body of PFP? He claims egregiously that white supremacists beat him up in prison. But we know that the truth is that he was attacked, not for his grandiose claim of attempted assassination (presidents are assassinated, not small rotten potatoes like Orcutt), but because he molested a little girl. I have demanded that the PFP State Central Committee release to the public the people who were part of an investigation into Orcutt’s predation, questions that the officers asked, and the results. We deserve no less.

  10. This is the forwarded email sent to me by CT Weber, Peace and Freedom Party’s state chair. I must say that reading it makes me physically sick:


    To Whom it may concern :

    Several current and former comrades of the Peace and Freedom Party have made controversial statements about the 2006 conviction on (sic) sex offense charges of Frank Runninghorse (known in legal records as Steven Orcutt), co-chair of the Contra Costa County Central Committee. These range from the assertion that his past conduct should disqualify him from holding any party office, to the implication that the party cannot afford bad publicity even if his conduct was acceptable, to requests for an unbiased investigation into the facts. In response to that request, members of the State Executive Committee–who included a practicing criminal attorney ( in fact he was and is a tenants rights attorney, Bob Evans)–reviewed court records obtained from the criminal division of the Contra Costra (sic) County Superior Court and interviewed Comrade Runninghorse pleaded no contest to one charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a person age 14-15 by a person [a little girl] more than 10 years older than she.

    The charge, a felony, arose from paid sexual encounters with a prostitute [something NEVER proven. Runninghorse pleaded no contest because he faced several years in state prison if he lost at trial because he believed his life was threatened in prison, and because a trial would have cost money he didn’t have. Even if he honestly believed she was an adult and could prove he believed it, he faced conviction under the law if she turned out to be under age, He served 8 months in the county jail followed b y more than two years on probation and three and a half years of mandatory counseling. We have come to the following conclusions.

    (1) There is reason to believe that police conduct during the arrest and detention of Comrade Runninghorse was motivated by his political activism–including reason to believe that the police set him up for beatings by other inmates while he was in jail. He quoted on of the arresting officers as saying to him, “We’ve been trying to get you for 40 years” and have some boys in west county who will rip you a new [(expletive deleted0].” He said that on his arrival in prison, 120 gang members attacked him and broke two of his ribs and two bones in his face, apparently following through on the officer’s threat. [Now here I have to stop my vomiting and call attention to what happens to child molesters in jail. They are attacked by inmates by virtue of their crimes, molesting little children. At any rate, Runninghorse is a child molester; these people will say anything to put off punishment].


    (2) The woman’s [sic] age at the time of the encounters cannot be determined. The police alleged that she was 14 or 15. But the police reports are sealed [because she is a minor], there was neither a preliminary hearing nor a trial, and she is listed in court records only as Jane Doe [because she is a minor!]. We cannot substantiate the police statement with evidence and have no grounds on which to challenge Comrade Runninghorse’s statement that he believed she was at least 18.

    (3) Other than the possibility that she might have been a minor, there is no evidence that his relationship with her was not consensual, or to contradict his statements that she solicited him rather than the other way around, that she told him she was an adult, and that he believed her. Members of the SEC disagree among themselves on the extent to which sexual contact between adults and teenagers is inherently coercive regardless of consent.

    (4) His legal status as a registered sex offender is the result of consensual sex with a prostitute [again, no evidence that the child was a prostitute]. It is not in itself a basis for concern regarding sexual coercion, predatory behavior, or pedophilia [then why was he charged with the possession of kiddie porn?].

    (5) Neither the elections code nor the party’s bylaws give the State Central Committee formal autho4rity to remove a duly elected or appointed member from a County Central Committee. In short, his conduct was foolish. Many people, including some of the SEC, consider it wrong. But we have no trustworthy evidence that it was the conduct of a sexual predator who poses a threat to others today. We believe that it would go beyond the ethical limits of state party interference in a county organization to punish anyone without such evidence. As may comrades have already said, past mistakes–even past violations of socialist norms condemning sexist and patriarchal behavior–do not disqualify anyone from making valuable contributions now and in the future. To believer otherwise is to challenge an essential part of our political philosophy. the work that Comrade Runninghorse is doing today in Students for a Democratic Society and other organizations is proof o f this basic principle of fairness and justice.


  11. I posted fairly recently. See post before this.

  12. Oops, just understood you’re question. I’ve been busy with this issue offline, but will be posting soon information about our new group, Sisterhood of Conscience Council. Stay tuned.

  13. For immediate release: September 26, 2012

    People for a Feminist Party (PFP) is endorsing the Peace and Freedom Party Nominees for President and Vice-President, Rosanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan, in hopes that the nomination will lead the Party back to its feminist roots.

    People for a Feminist Party believes that the Peace and Freedom Party has lost the right to call itself “feminist” because it is defending a registered sex offender who has shown no remorse for his crimes.


    Relf Alison Star Irv Sutley
    (909) 625.2801 (707) 575.7043
    3442 1/2 Padua Ave. PO Box 174
    Claremont, CA 91711 Glen Ellen, CA 95442-0174

    Renata Sdao Jan Tucker
    (818) 679.2915 (213) 787.5476
    6119 Shadyglen Ave. PO Box 433
    North Hollywood, CA 91606 Torrance, CA 90508-0433

  14. March 6, 2013

    For immediate release:

    From: People for a Feminist Party

    The California Peace and Freedom Party will be holding its State Central Committee meeting the weekend of March 9 and 10 at Zacatecas Café © in Riverside. People for a Feminist Party, an activist group of third party advocates, wishes to bring to the attention of all that the current leadership of Peace and Freedom Party continues protecting a convicted sexual predator, Steven Bruce Orcutt of Concord, California, within its ranks. The 58 year old Orcutt who uses the phony name “Frank Runninghors” is a lifetime registered sex offender, who was arrested on four felony counts of sexual predation against a 14 year old African American girl in 2005 (as well as one felony count of possessing child pornography).

    When Orcutt’s crimes were publicly exposed after his 2006 conviction in Contra Costa County, Orcutt lashed out at his victim – labeling her as a prostitute, showed no remorse for his crime, and has shown only anger at his arrest and imprisonment. Some time ago the current Peace and Freedom Party leadership elevated Orcutt to chair a county central committee, knowing about his criminal history but failed to notify party registrants of these matters.

    We in People for a Feminist Party demand:

    *that the Peace and Freedom Party alert all Party registrants to this issue,

    *require that a sexual offender who has served his/her time demonstrate remorse and contrition by volunteering at a rape crisis center or battered women’s shelter not as a condition imposed by the court, but of his/her own free will.

  15. Peace Garden

    Thank you People for a Feminist Party for showing what is wrong with the present leadership of California’s Peace and Freedom Party. I have stayed registered for over 20 years but I’m having serious thoughts about changing my affiliation. Frank Runninghorse, er Steve Orcutt is a disgrace to the left movement. Runninghose must go! The Feminist Vigilante Gangs of Oakland have plans for him!

    • Orcutt is the reason I re-registered Decline to State. I was on the State Central Committee but quit with five others when Orcutt’s membership was approved. You can join People for a Feminist Party on Facebook under Radical Bard.

  16. There is, as we speak, a secret committee forming to overthrow a set of Peace and Freedom by-laws.No mention is made of their defense of the sexual predator, Steven Orcutt, or how predators should be handled in the future. Recently the Peace and Freedom Party kept time with its anti-feminist agenda by abandoning free childcare at its meetings.

    The whole set of current by-laws ought to be thrown out. The history of how these “by-laws” came to exist and who and why some counties and individuals were excluded from the process makes it imperative that the party return to operating under its section of the Elections Code and only create new by-laws to fight situations brought about by such things as Proposition 14. Only with diversity and multiple energies will the party begin to grow.

    The by-law which creates the current officer clique of self perpetuating individuals with no real defined job responsibilities needs to be thrown out and a return to the Peace and Freedom section of the Election Code which guarantees each organized county (elected or interim appointment) the right of membership on the State Exectuive Committee. A new by-law would guarantee that each County Chair or the County Chair’s designee would be a member of each recognized committee and that particular committee’s listserv.

  17. Relf Star

    The Discriminatory by-laws of the Peace and Freedom Party

    The current by-laws used by the State Central Committee (SCC) are in violation of the federal Voting And Civil Rights acts. The California Elections Code sections for the Peace and Freedom Party (written by the party) provide that all organized counties shall have representaion on the State Executive Committe (SEC). This current set of by-laws excluded qualified members from the discussion process and the votes to implement. Further, the continuing exclusion of certain counties from the SEC, violates the rights of the Peace and Freedom Party voters in those counties who have the right of representaion on the SEC. The result of the current by-laws is to maintain the “tenured” officerships of primarily white members from a very limited number of counties, while excluding outreach to and proportional participation of the varied communities which actually make up the party’s registrant base.

    Now the party is faced with a myriad of additional arcane, overly complicated by-laws which are nothing more than a continuing attempt to centralize control of all aspects of the party by the ruling officer clique. All by-laws and their amendments should be voted down. The party should return to operating under its sections of the Elections Code and use only a standard, recognised form of parliamentary procedure to conduct business.

  18. Relf Star

    Please circulate widely

    Please repost, print and distribute at all points.

    The attachment shows this years participation and endorsemant by two of Peace and Freedom Party’s county central committees, Tulare and Sonoma both of which are among many of the sponsoring organizations for this year’s commemoration at Salazar Park on Whittier Blvd in East Los Angeles

    Many PFP registrants were present at the massive demonstration in East Los Angeles in 1970 when the police, sheriff, and highway patrol launched a brutal attack on the crowds marching into the park. Journalist Ruben Salazar would be killed by police when he was struck by a gas canister fired into the building he was in.

    I recall Clay Claiborne, Sandy Blixton , Marge Buckley, Emiliano and Sonia Guidry, John Donahue, Aron Kay, Don Lubin, Gary Kast were with us and of course the Mounts – Julia and George as well as most of their extended family as well as Julia’s political campaign organization she had built as a Peace and Freedom Party state legislative candidate.

    Among the entertainers and performers scheduled this year is Relf Alison Star, former Peace and Freedom Party state central committee member.

    • i was at the police riot that was perpetrated at the 1970 chicano moratorium …i was working with green power at the time giving out free food to the protesters…at age 64, i am still fighting the good fight

  19. Gardener

    There is a ‘Truth and Justice’ conference in San Leandro, California this coming weekend, May 3 and May 4, 2014. Mr. Steven Bruce Orcutt, the convicted child rapist, had wormed his way onto the stage as a speaker under his patently false Native American pseudonym, “Frank Runninghorse”,

    Mr. Runningmouth was given the hook and told not to show up when the organizers of this conference found out about his 2005 criminal sexual assaults on a fourteen year old African American girl from committed feminist socialists .

  20. Relf Star

    This was an email sent to me whose identity I am protecting:

    What up with having this child rapist, lifetime registered sex offender speaking on May 3 at Campaign4Justice event in San Leandro.
    He raped a 14 year old African American girl in 2005 (four felony counts) plus 1 count of child pornography. Convicted in 2006 in Contra Costa superior court in Martinez.
    He’s not a Native American either, he be born Steven Bruce Orcutt, a white boy from Alameda.

  21. i wish i was in caifornia..i would PIE that pedophile steve orcutt….he needs one drastically

  22. For those women who are offended by sexual predator Steven Orcutt, here are his phone numbers—in case you want to give him a piece of your mind.

    1 925 798 3698 and 1 925 825 4293

  23. Word has just come in that Peace and Freedom Party has just given $100 to Steven Orcutt, child rapist, for signs that don’t mention the Party at all. Also, another PFP member who loaned the Party $400 has never been repaid. Nor has the membership been apprised of the gift to Orcutt. Members should call the phone number above to demand that Orcutt return the money given and the membership be alerted that a predator is being rewarded for crimes against a child.

  24. is the website apparently hosted by Cat Wood of Marin County Peace and Freedom Party (PFP). Appeals for funds are directed to her PO Box in Novato, CA. Not once was this website been announced to the California Peace and Freedom Party discussion listserv or to the broader PFP announcement listserv.

    By bungling this lawsuit so badly in court, by keeping their strategy hidden from the Party general membership, and then by contemplating taking this defective case on appeal to the United States Supreme Court, the PFP California state “officers” risk enshrining California’s Prop 14 Top Two throughout the nation.

  25. They the current PFP “officers” now want the use of “pfp-SEC” for their own ends . But they never opened it or applied for it at for more than a year after the State Executive Committee was reconstituted. They wouldn’t open up a listserv for those on the exec committee in order to prevent the County reps from getting timely notice of meetings like the “officers” already do.

    The “officers” also privatized certain official lists like Marsha Feinland’s “Communications” committee which excludes certain of us who are out of favor. I always put quotation marks around the word “OFFICER” when referring to their 13 member, self tenured, self perpetuating, clique of cultists. They have no concept of Serve the People as they raid the party piggy bank for pet projects which never lead anywhere.

    People for a Feminist Party (also PFP) just happened to pick up this title which hadn’t been spoken for. The party “officers” are hopping mad, saying rv SutleyI stole it, well they never acted to obtain it, so it was never theirs to begin with..

  26. Why is a local bar association in Montana HONORING a judge who was suspended for letting a rapist off the hook–and blaming the 14-year-old-victim?1 It’s rape culture at its worst, and if enough of us speak out, we can stop it from happening.
    Since lawyers, local activists in Montana, and over 33,000 UltraViolet members asked the Yellowstone Area Bar Association to reverse its decision, local and national news coverage has been growing.2 The mother of Cherice Moralez, the rape victim who ultimately committed suicide, even spoke out against the award saying, “Judge Baugh’s ridiculous actions caused enormous hurt to our family.”3

  27. Kevin Akin is living in Fantasyland. Akin’s “imaginary friends” (his term) included James Quirk supposedly part of Kevin’s “imaginary organization” PAFA. (Peace and Freedom Alliance).

    Quirk was identified by Akin as part of an organizing troika of the imaginary Peace and Freedom Party of Massachusetts. In an email to the California PFP discussion list in late 2013, Akin announced that he had franchised Quirk and 2 others as the future of the Party in the Bay State. Then Kevin spoke or wrote not another word about them to the State Central Committee membership.

    Looking around on Facebook, one can see that the Quirk’s soon were able to see through Kevin’s PAFA pretensions. Last I looked, James Quirk is back in the Green Party and advocating for the presidential aspirations of Senator Bernie Sanders. Apparently the PAFA dealership turned out to not be worth one Red Cent!

  28. Jan B. Tucker shared a link.
    18 hrs ·
    “Good Cop” Raped 4-Yr-Old Girl Over and Over Again
    And the nerve of this disgusting predator to “cry” in court as if he’s the victim?!! I’m so sick to my stomach.

    • Of course we who know and despise so-called “Frank Runninghorse” refer to him a “Running Dog” because he’s lower than a diseased, mangy rabid dog, but at least this sick fuck cries because he knows what he did is wrong, whereas Steven Bruce Orcutt continues to blame his victim and PFP leaders not only give him a pass, they paid him money to do non-union printing for them.

  29. Here is Why Officials Are Banning the Term ˜Child Prostitute”
    In a letter to more than 18,000 personnel in his department on Wednesday, McDonnell wrote, “We must recognize the importance of law enforcement’s clear communication regarding who these victims truly are—they are child victims and survivors of rape. “Girls are made into property, sold to the highest

    Read the full story

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